About Script Tags.com

Tagging the responsible use of JavaScript

ScriptTags.com is a tag-based directory of JavaScript resources out on the Web. Each link added is considered a good example of modern Dom Scripting and best practice, or a good explanation of a particular aspect of JavaScript.

JavaScript has gone through some dark times, and there are many websites still advocating out-dated DHTML-like scripts and techniques. This site aims to avoid the plethora of bad advice and concentrates on techniques that complement web standards and accessibility.

About the author

Mike Davies is a Senior Web Developer at LOVEFiLM, based in West London. He has a long successful track record for high-quality web development which includes companies like Yahoo and IBM. He is most well-known for leading Legal & General's implementation of it's award winning and high profile web redesign in 2005 which became a well-established case study into the concrete business benefits of web accessibility.

Mike is passionate about high-quality web development techniques, and is fascinated by The Honks from Sesame Street. He also blogs about web standards and web accessibility at isolani.